How it Works

Welcome! Blended Thread Fabrics is located in Saskatchewan Canada and all fabric ships world wide from the town of Dundurn or the City of Saskatoon.
Prices are in Canadian dollars and measured in yards.  Our custom printed fabric is digitally printed on 300-320gsm 85% Poly 15% Spandex Athletic Knit, four way stretch fabric, 230-240gsm 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex Jersey, four way stretch fabric, 250-260gsm 67% Bamboo 28% Cotton 5% Spandex French Terry, four way stretch fabric, 350-380gsm 95% Poly 5% Spandex Bliss, stretchy minky-type fabric, 230-240gsm 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Jersey, four way stretch fabric, 140-150gsm 100% Cotton Woven, no stretch, 270-280gsm 100% Cotton Canvas, no stretch , 270-280gsm 95% Cotton 5% Spandex French Terry, four way stretch fabric, 250gsm 86% Poly 14% Spandex, 50+UPF Swim Knit, four way stretch fabric.  All custom printed fabric bases are 56”-60” wide.  Once the pre order is closed, custom printed fabric has a turnaround time as follows:
Printing process : 8-10 weeks
In transit to HQ : 1-3 weeks
Processing at HQ : 1-3 weeks
Custom Printing Pricing:
$27.00 CAD/Yard cotton woven & cotton canvas, $28.00CAD/Yard for Cotton Spandex Jersey, Athletic Knit, Bliss, Swim. Bamboo Spandex Jersey, Bamboo Cotton Spandex French Terry and Cotton Spandex French Terry are $29.00CAD/Yard. Custom retail prices are $2 per yard more.
Digital Printing Info:
There are times there are slight variations between the different bases for colouring. Strike sewists do their best to sew for us, photograph, show scale and uses. Every photo is taken in different lighting. Different times of day. Different mood. Digital images are printed onto fabric and can’t possibly be exactly the same so please keep that in mind - different media’s and different bases have slightly different outcomes. Also, let’s not forget we all have different phones or screens at different light levels and warm tones.
Pre Order Info:
During the duration of a an open pre order we do allow you to place more than one order if you wish to add on to your pre order.  You must make a note on the order to combine with previous order number (insert order number here) and use the code that applies to the shipping for that round (this add on code will be what the round order number is each time such as : ADDONR35). If these two things aren't followed, they will ship separately.  When we get a pre order add on that says to combine with my other order # but doesn’t have specific notes like “please cut continuous” we won’t be cutting continuous.  We aren’t sure if you wanted the two 1 yard cuts so we have to base it on exactly as the notes tell us and if they don’t tell us, we don’t like to assume.  With that said, you can addon to your order but we do not allow combine with friends under multiple accounts.
We won’t be cutting yardage on one invoice to smaller cuts unless it’s one person who for example, wants their 20 yard cut to two 10’s or something more manageable. But we won’t be cutting an 8 Yard into for example : 1.5y, 3.5y, 2y and 1y.
Blended Thread Fabrics offers a little wholesale bonus - Order 20 yards of the same print and base and we will include a FREE yard of the same print and base. With that being said, any cuts over 5 yards we cannot guarantee will be continuous with flaws spread out randomly, it is hard to get a large cut flawless but we will always try our best during the cutting process.
If you choose to cancel your pre order any time after it has been submitted and ordered from the printer the 20% cancellation fee applies. 
Retail Info:
Retail fabrics are not guaranteed to be continuous yardage - once we process a large pre order there is usually a lot of pre cuts. Once all pre orders leave us we do list the remaining on the site during a large retail loading at a set date and time. During this time, there will be an active ADDON code for 3 hours to check out more than once if needed. If checking out more than once and using the ADDON code, you must put your previous order number in the cart notes section (before hitting checkout) otherwise they will be cancelled.  With that said, you can addon to your order but we do not allow combine with friends under multiple accounts.  Once that code is deactivated all orders ship separate. If you checkout multiple times and forget to use the code, unfortunately we cannot apply the code afterward and they will ship separately.  
Because of the nature of large retail loading orders, please be understanding with this speediness of orders going out. Our goal is to have regular day to day retail/website orders out within 3 business days and to have large retail loadings out within a 7-10 business days time frame.
We suggest washing with your usual detergent, on cold and tumble dry low. Do not leave your fabrics sitting in the washer wet for ANY length of time as this is when ink transfer/bleeding contact occurs. Refunds and discounts for bleeding/ washing issues will not be issued. Make sure to be gentle with your bamboo fabric, it is delicate!  Wash cold and tumble dry on air and do not over dry.
Contact us within 30 days of delivery date and before washing/cutting. Anything after, unfortunately we cannot offer refund or credit.
Refunds/replacements/discounts offered within 30 days of receiving your fabric for any of the following reasons:
-Fabric received was smaller than 36" per yard before washing.
-Fabric received had undisclosed flaws NOT along the selvedge (within 4” from edges of print) or anything larger than a 1/4" throughout the yardage not including the selvedge. If the reverse side of the fabric has spotting or marks that do NOT show through to the front/print, this is also common to custom printing and will be sent as non-flawed. This does not include excess yardage that includes quality test holes, this is bonus additional yardage included at no cost to you.
Blended Thread Fabrics does not cover any fabric that has been washed, cut and/or sewn.  If the error is Blended Thread Fabrics fault such as incorrect fabric, short cut, missed flaws (outside of the guidelines listed above), then we will cover return shipping of course! If a replacement fabric is not available you will be offered a refund.
Blended Thread Fabrics does not cover packages that say delivered but are claimed to be missing, missing parcels, slow mail processing, etc - this is a postal service issue and claim must be opened through them.